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How we bill you

We will bill you $30 in advance to create an account balance credit. After each charging session, we will deduct the appropriate amount from your credit balance.

When your account balance goes below $10, we will bill your credit card the appropriate amount to refresh it to $30.

You can view all of your billing and vehicle charging information online in your account.

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Charging your vehicle

Use our Smartphone App

You can download our free smartphone app for either Android or iPhone to find charging stations and activate a charging session. Everything is billed automatically to your account and you'll never have to use your credit card again.

Use an RFID Card

You can also use one of our RFID cards to initiate charging. Check the box on the sign up form and we will mail one to the address on your account. Please note there is a one-time $10 for the first card, and $20 for replacement cards.