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Management Team

Stephen Davis

Chief Executive Officer


Mike Ferry

Chief Operations Officer


Randall Mitchum

Chief Product Officer


David Hawkins

Utility Lead


Christiaan van Nispen

RWE Innovation Consultant


65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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KnGrid is the global leader in electric vehicles and the smart grid. We are the forerunners in providing seamless, convenient, and grid-friendly EV charging, known as Vehicle-Grid Integration (VGI). Through VGI and other services, KnGrid is dedicated to accelerating revolution-scale adoption of electric vehicles by simplifying the consumer refueling experience while enabling grid-integrated smart charging based on the ISO 15118 global interoperability standard.

KnGrid operates the world’s first ISO 15118 Demand Clearinghouse (DCH) to enable any utility, transmission operator, or charging site host to offer pricing and grid conditions to networked electric vehicles via a single cloud-based data platform.

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